Epic Adventures

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The Great Volcano Road Trip:

  1. Gospodor Monuments WA (Forlorn Jesus & a Chance of Rain)
  2. Mount St Helens west side (Devil’s Elbow)
  3. Mount St Helens south side (Ape Cave & Ghost Forest)
  4. Mount St Helens south side (Lava Canyon & Lahars)
  5. Chinook Pass Scenic Byway (Elk Terror on the American River)
  6. White Pass Scenic Byway (Bat Cave and Dog Lake)
  7. Mount Rainier Paradise (Reflections, Paradise and Prescient Rangers)
  8. Mount Rainier Longmire (Narada Falls and Rainier)

The US from Coast to Coast on an Amtrak Train:

  1. The Start of an Awfully Big Adventure (Travel Plans)
  2. New York to Chicago (I Survived the Lake Shore Limited)
  3. Chicago to Seattle Day 1 (All Aboard the Empire Builder)
  4. Chicago to Seattle Day 2 (Mutiny on the Empire Builder)
  5. Chicago to Seattle Day 3 (Full Steam Ahead Aboard the Empire Builder)

The Great American Road Trip:

  1. Seattle WA to St Regis MT (Travels with Sprocket)
  2. St Regis MT to Red Lodge MT (Yellowstone and the Road to Hell)
  3. Red Lodge MT to Bismarck ND (A Man Named Griz and the Bad Bad Lands)
  4. Bismarck ND to Hartford CT (Highballs and Missed Reunions)
  5. Hartford WI (Vintage Cars and Barefoot Friars)
  6. Hartford WI to Erie PA (Turnpikes and Boxes)
  7. Erie PA to Oneida NY via Canada (Fire and Water)
  8. Oneida NY to Boston CT (Huge Teapots, Tiny Churches & Farewells)
  9. Back to Seattle WA (Interlude and Impasse)
  10. Seattle WA to Twin Falls ID (Blue Mountains and Night Crawlers)
  11. Twin Falls ID to Moab UT (Downpours and Curry)
  12. Arches National Park UT (Arches and Voyeuristic Grasshoppers)
  13. Moab UT to Escalante UT (Gold, Diamonds and Sinking Freeways)
  14. Escalante via Bryce Canyon to Coral Pink Sand Dunes (Hoodoos, Dinos & Bat Attacks)
  15. Visit to Best Friends Animal Society, Kanab UT (Best Friends and Rocking V)
  16. Zion National Park, UT (Bigfoot and Zion)
  17. Zion to Las Vegas (Giant Chefs and Virgin Jails)
  18. Vegas to Salinas CA (Welcome to the Motel California)
  19. Salinas to Richardson Grove State Park (Golden Gate Bridge and El Diablo)
  20. The Lost Coast, CA (Lost Dreams on the Lost Coast)
  21. California Redwoods and the Oregon Coast (Redwoods & D-listed on the Oregon Coast)
  22. The Oregon Coast, OR (Freeway watching on the Oregon Coast)
  23. Oregon and Washington (Final Furlongs)

North Cascades Road Trip:

  1. Seattle to Sauk Mountain (Climbing Sauk Mountain)
  2. Over Washington Pass to Lone Fir (Liberty Bell and Lone Fir)
  3. Liberty Bell, Rainy Lake and Winthrop (Driving in the Wild Wild West)
  4. Leavenworth to Seattle (Christmas in July)

26 Responses to Epic Adventures

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  2. tpalazz623 says:

    Ailsa, Hey, I’m just starting out. Thanks for the support. Off to Havana on Saturday, 2/16. Watch for it.

  3. Hey Ailsa, I’m enjoying your road trip stories! Actually I’m going on a road trip myself very soon. We will be starting off in SF and finishing in Miami, FL. Any tips or suggestions are welcome!

    • ailsapm says:

      Wow, that sounds like quite an adventure, GorgeousChaos. Have you decided which route you want to take yet and are you short on time or taking it easy? If you’ve got time and haven’t done it before, drive along Big Sur. If you’re planning to hit more than a couple of National Parks, get a parks pass before you go to save you money – I-10 takes you right to Joshua Tree NP and Saguaro NP outside Tucson and then there’s the Everglades when you arrive. xxx

  4. Ailsa, thanks for stopping by. It gave me an opportunity to explore your blog. Love it.

  5. jwcwong says:

    Mine was a 30 day Amtrak trip across East West North South in the States! Because the train journeys in America are long, it often means you have to travel at crazy hours, having no choice but when the train gets to a station. Yea.. arriving in Pittsburgh at 4am and having to sleep over at the station was painful..

    • ailsapm says:

      Ouch, I can only imagine what Pittsburgh station is like at 4 in the morning! I’ve done those all nighters in train stations before and they’re not fun!

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  7. Oh wow! I dream of visiting all 50 states someday, so this is really inspiring! Kudos on blogging for so long (:

    • ailsapm says:

      Hya Sarah, sorry it’s taken me so long to respond – been busy travelling. I hope you get to fulfill your dream and visit all 50 states, that’s a great goal to have! xxx Ailsa

  8. fyeyes says:

    Well, this gives me something to read on those physically homebound, mentally travelling days. I’m curious about your stories and pictures. I hope, there will be much more in future – have fun!

  9. Hemangini Maddy Patel says:

    How I wish I can travel!! Love your blog! Every story is uniquely inspiring and full of travel wonders! keep it up 🙂

    • ailsapm says:

      Thank you so much for your comment, so glad you’re enjoying my writing and I hope you get to experience some of these amazing places for yourself sometime too! xxx Ailsa

  10. SergiooN says:

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  12. cyclering says:

    Wow! Your travel posts have such vivid details. I feel like I’m traveling along. I am so glad you visited my site and liked one of my posts. This weekend I launched a challenge called TRAVEL BLESSINGS . . . Join the fun by posting at https://scenethat.wordpress.com/travel-blessings-photo-challenge/
    I carefully studied and learned from your weekly challenge: I used yours as a model when building my own. You are a fantastic organizer.

  13. Wow your posts are very engaging! I really loved exploring your blog and find your posts very uniquely written, making me feel like I’ve been immersed in the places you have visited!

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  16. Seth Souza says:

    thank you for this, def need ideas and help to set up my page! great start here!

  17. Love this list. There’s so many great things to do right in the US and people often forget that.

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