Travel theme: Fresh

I can still smell the air on that trail at Washington Pass, a perfect mix of cold and freshness, so I’ve been looking through my photos for some shots that fit with the fresh theme. Snow for me epitomizes freshness so I’m starting off with a snowy photo from Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park.

olympic mountains national park, winter, snow, forest, hurricane ridge, travel, ailsa prideaux-mooney

Everything feels fresher after a rain shower, with the added bonus of sparkling raindrops scattering light all around. This was taken at Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island shortly after a cloudburst.

bloedel reserve, seattle, bainbridge island, garden, gardens, rain, travel, travelogue, ailsa prideaux-mooney, raindrop photography

An inventive way of keeping roses fresh; a rose man in Rome douses his bouquet in a fountain.

rose scam, rome, italy, piazza del popolo, trevi fountain, spanish steps, travel, travelogue, travel photography, ailsa prideaux-mooney

Fresh berries at a farmer’s market in California, mmmm.

street market raspberries blueberries berries

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xxx Ailsa

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning. – J.B. Priestly

I am so fresh in soul and spirit that life gushes and bubbles around me in a thousand springs. – Robert Schumann

About ailsapm

Hi there! I’m Ailsa Prideaux-Mooney. I’ve lived in many places, and travelled to many more. I had a lot of fun getting there and being there, wherever there happened to be at the time. I climbed a castle wall in Czesky Krumlov, abseiled down cliffs to go caving in the west of Ireland, slept on the beach in Paros, got chased by a swarm of bees in Vourvourou (ok that wasn’t fun, but it was exciting), learned flower arranging in Tokyo, found myself in the middle of a riot in Seoul, learned to snowboard in Salzburg, got lost in a labyrinth in Budapest and had my ice cream stolen by a gull in Cornwall. And I’m just getting started. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far, I’d love you to follow my travelogue - - and remember, anyone who tries to tell you it’s a small world hasn’t tried to see it all.
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115 Responses to Travel theme: Fresh

  1. travtrails says:

    The fruits are tempting

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  3. Ese' s Voice says:

    Those raindrops are fabulous….but so is every single other shot, Ailsa!
    Here’s a bit of freshness from me:

  4. ah; yesterday in quito we bought fresh corn from a lady walking between lanes at a traffic stop! one dollar for five ears, and i immediately smelled the corn – so very fresh!!!!

    too bad that i didn’t take a photo!

    great theme!

    • ailsapm says:

      Ooh, sounds delicious, was it multi-colored corn? There’s nothing quite like freshly picked corn on the cob. Yum.

      • no; the kernels were pale yellowish-white that spiraled around the husk; the ears were short and stumpy and tapered to a sharp point.. we cooked them on the grill, and each kernel was al dente — eating this corn is like stepping back in time and was a grand culinary experience!

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    • ailsapm says:

      I love seeing the plum tree in all its summer greenery, Anna – such a difference from the wintry snow-covered photo. 🙂

  6. Such beautiful ‘Fresh’ images, Ailsa. Those berries look delicious and so healthy. 🙂

  7. Max510 says:

    Hi Ailsa.
    It’s very hot now in Italy… So great theme to have a bit of fresh !

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  9. Quan says:

    Alisa – thanks for the great theme! I’m eating plenty of fresh food right now!

  10. looks really yummy 😀

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  13. Jaspa says:

    You don’t get much fresher than water straight form a glacial alpine stream, Ailsa…

  14. aj vosse says:

    Let’s just not get too fresh about this! 😉

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  17. sueslaght says:

    I love the variety of fresh ideas Ailsa! I think you might like to come and get some fresh air cycling in Turkey.

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  19. angelocrux says:

    These pictures are beautiful. I’ll see what I can come up with. 🙂

  20. chirose says:

    oh beautiful delicious berries.!! yummy.!!

  21. It’s that time of the year again—fresh mulberries picked right from our kayaks!

  22. DagEnDauw says:

    Oh Ailsa you’ re great to choose precisely the right theme for this week, as you will notice on my blog… and wow, do these berries look delicious!
    Here’s my entry

    Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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  31. Somewhere I have a similar berry photo from our local CA farmer’s market 🙂 Fun to see!
    I went with fresh as in recent as well as refreshing.
    Happy Traveling

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  35. ladyredspecs says:

    Loved this topic, so many ways to go. Here ‘s my contribution

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