Supermoon over Seattle

My quest to capture a decent shot of the Supermoon continues. Last year’s Supermoon in New York was completely overtaken by a thick layer of fog that descended upon the city for the entire night. Not even a single sliver of moonlight made it through that foggy blanket.

This year in Seattle I decided to stop by Seattle Center to see if I could get a shot of the Supermoon. There were plenty of clouds skudding across the sky, but even hiding behind cloud cover, the moon lit up the night sky behind the Space Needle.

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At one point it looked like the moon was going to pop out from behind the clouds altogether, but it was a bluff – it emerged from behind the denser clouds but stayed obscured by a thin veil of wispy ones, so instead of a nice, sharp supermoon, I got a fuzzy one.

seattle, space needle, supermoon, travel, photography, ailsa prideaux-mooney, travelogue

I don’t mind, though, it was a huge improvement over last year’s New York no show. Maybe next year I’ll get the Supermoon photo I dream of.

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65 Responses to Supermoon over Seattle

  1. Ben says:

    I’m hoping I’ll get to see it. I have a great vantage point from my Bangkok rooftop, though it’s nearly complete overcast due to the rainy season. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. aj vosse says:

    Your image has just reminded me of one night some years back. We were passing through Carton House Estate on super moon evening, not that we knew what that meant at the time.

    It was also before we owned an SLR… as much as I tried… I didn’t get anything good with the little point and shoot. However, the image of the big orange moon rising behind the clock tower will always remain in my mind… I’ll have to go back again on another evening! 😉

  3. Warm benevolent chuckle 🙂 I like it peeping through the clouds, Ailsa – all silvery and well up to competing with the high-tech space needle! Good luck with the photo quest. I had the sighting of a lifetime, years ago in Sydney – driving, unfortunately, no camera in the car, years before iPhone 4 or even camera phones. I rounded a bend and there, emerging out of the harbour and filling the entire space under The Bridge was this ginormous golden moon. I skidded to a stop, and drank it in, till people began honking … I’ll never try to capture it on film, nothing I could take will ever live up to that memory (just as long as I can remember!).

  4. Alastair says:

    I’m hoping that the Supermoon is clear here tonight. I would love to capture a great shot of it,

  5. suej says:

    Like it! Reminds me of an image of a harvest moon I took some years ago, must go searching…

  6. Sonel says:

    Stunning shots Ailsa. You’ve captured it really well! 😀 *hugs*

  7. valens87 says:

    The super moon was amazing yesterday!!! I have few pics with my cat, poetic but nothing extraordinary (I give you a call if I post it). I wanted to snap others but clouds arrived later 😦
    By the way, your photo has a thin layer of mystery thanks to the clouds and this is why I love it!!!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  8. Somehow the moon always looks better in person, she is elusive to photograph and never looks quite as dramatic. I have some lovely full moon photos in my head, but none in my camera 🙂 this is a really lovely shot though, full of silvery mystery….

    • ailsapm says:

      You’re right, photos never truly do the moon justice. What a lovely turn of phrase – full of silvery mystery – so evocative. 🙂

  9. StillWalks says:

    Fuzzy moon is good 🙂

    • ailsapm says:

      Haha, thanks, my fuzzy moon photo may not make the front page of National Geographic but it makes me happy 🙂

      • StillWalks says:

        I didn’t get a photo but we saw the moon through the clouds ourselves last night. It was 1AM and I couldn’t persuade myself to make the effort and, anyway, I had enjoyed your shots! 🙂

        • ailsapm says:

          Ah, yes, I know that feeling well. All snuggled up indoors thinking about the effort of getting out there with your camera. Sometimes it’s better to just capture the scene in your memory! 🙂

  10. fgassette says:



  11. Tina Schell says:

    But Ailsa, it’s there again tonite, maybe the weather will be clearer! I’m headed out to shoot it also but forecast is cloudy :-(. I like your shots!

    • ailsapm says:

      There’s a monstrous downpour tonight in Seattle, Tina, I am very glad I stopped off at the Space Needle last night, because there’s not a peep from the moon tonight. Good luck with your photos, let me know when you post them!

  12. All things considered, I think you got some wonderful photos!

  13. the 2nd picture is amazing !

  14. But that’s still gorgeous! You use the moon as the background for the tower 😉

    • ailsapm says:

      Thanks Timothy, I was just sitting on the bus watching the moon when I realised I was passing by the Space Needle and thought it would be a great place to try to get a photo. I was surprised there weren’t any other people there trying to get a photo – last year I was in New York and went over to Hoboken to try to get a photo of it over New York from across the Hudson and there were dozens of people there with cameras waiting for the moon that never showed!

      • Perhaps the moon has disappointed the people 😀 ?

        I missed the supermoon.I think my friend managed to take a photo of it. But you took the photo from the bus? The result are good! 🙂

  15. Max510 says:

    Hi Ailsa and everybody friends
    Here my supermoon from Novara-Piemont- Italy
    Have nice Sunday

  16. Amy says:

    What a stunning capture, Ailsa!

  17. Jane Lurie says:

    Great shots, Ailsa. Didn’t capture it in SF on the clear night yesterday and alas, foggy today. Loved that you got it with the Space Needle.

    • ailsapm says:

      Thanks Jane, I’m thrilled that I hopped off the bus on the way out of downtown yesterday to take those photos, because tonight is pouring rain and covered with clouds – the moon hasn’t shown its face once tonight! xxx

  18. Inge says:

    There is another one coming up on August if I didn’t mistake. You may want to check it. 🙂

  19. Great shots – thank you for reminding!

  20. I think all of the photos are great, but I especially love the second…beautiful! That beautiful moon kept me awake all night; it was like a beacon shining into our bedroom window.

    • ailsapm says:

      I didn’t have a view of the moon from my bedroom window, which is probably just as well because I would have laid awake all night just staring at it! 🙂

  21. So pretty! I missed the Super moon in Seattle this year but got some clear shots in Santa Fe that I will try to post later this week. 🙂

    • ailsapm says:

      Ooh, let me know when you post them. Inge just reminded me there’s another supermoon coming up in August – not quite as big and bright as yesterday’s but a second chance for a photo opp! 🙂

  22. These are fabulous! I’m glad to see you got such good shots. We walked to the beach and got there just in time to see the International Space Station approaching the bright, giant moon. ( Or at least it looked that way ) Just for a few seconds. We got lucky. Sadly, though, no good photos. Thanks for these.

  23. markd60 says:

    You really could tell that it looked bigger than usual the past few days..

  24. Lovely, even with the clouds.

  25. I tried to go out and see it last night here in the Tampa Bay area but the cloud cover was too much. I did see the one fourteen months ago and got some decent photos but really wanted to try again from a different location. Hopefully next time.

  26. It might not be the moon shot you wanted, but those are some great shots of the space needle.

  27. I remember your supermoon effort last year. This year may be fuzzy – but it’s cool – would make a terrific book cover or illustration. Could be used for multiple genre – the Space Needle looks so sci-fi
    Maybe not what you wanted, but great pixs anyway

  28. Maybe they aren’t what you were dreaming of, but I like your images.

  29. I got a lovely picture of the moon tonight as well. Before it got dark the entire sky had an orange colour and then I heard it was supermoon night, so beautiful.

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