Travel theme: Pale

Bright and colourful photos can be show stoppers, but sometimes the palest of photographs can capture the imagination. Right now it is cherry blossom season in Seattle and the city is awash with pale pink blooms.

cherry blossom, seattle, travel, travel photography, ailsa prideaux-mooney cherry blossom, seattle, travel, travel photography, tulip tree, ailsa prideaux-mooney

So I had a look through some of my files for other light, pastel-tinged photographs and here’s what I came up with.

Sea and sky glimmer delicate blue on the shores of Hawaii:

hawaii, oahu, ailsa prideaux-mooney, travel

Dawn burns the palest of pinks through the windows of Amtrak’s Empire Builder cross-country train:

Empire Builder, Amtrak, train journey, travel, Ailsa Prideaux-Mooney

Dublin’s Four Courts buildings reflect faintly yellow in the River Liffey:

dublin, ireland, four courts, travel, ailsa prideaux-mooney, travel photography, europe

Fluffy stalks of sugarcane drift before hazy Guatemalan mountains:

sugar cane, sugar, sugarcane, guatemala, central america, travel, ailsa prideaux-mooney, travel photography

Are you feeling faint yet? If you would like to join in this week’s travel theme (everyone’s welcome!) here’s what to do:

  • Create your own post and title it Travel theme: Pale
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  • Get your post in by next Thursday, as the new travel theme comes out on Friday
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I’m looking forward to your hushed tones and softest hues!

xxx Ailsa


About ailsapm

Hi there! I’m Ailsa Prideaux-Mooney. I’ve lived in many places, and travelled to many more. I had a lot of fun getting there and being there, wherever there happened to be at the time. I climbed a castle wall in Czesky Krumlov, abseiled down cliffs to go caving in the west of Ireland, slept on the beach in Paros, got chased by a swarm of bees in Vourvourou (ok that wasn’t fun, but it was exciting), learned flower arranging in Tokyo, found myself in the middle of a riot in Seoul, learned to snowboard in Salzburg, got lost in a labyrinth in Budapest and had my ice cream stolen by a gull in Cornwall. And I’m just getting started. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far, I’d love you to follow my travelogue - - and remember, anyone who tries to tell you it’s a small world hasn’t tried to see it all.
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294 Responses to Travel theme: Pale

  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    NIce to see some subtle colour after the brighness of the ‘other’ challenge!

  2. tilde531 says:

    Lovely! Gonna make this my inaugural participation theme, I think! Looking forward to following along and will add mine soon 🙂

  3. Margaret says:

    I also love the pale blossoms we see in the Pacific Northwest this time of year! I’m looking at whole lot of them out my window right now.

  4. now I’m pulling all my washed ones…..

  5. shimmyshark says:

    My hometown…good for the web-footed ones. I have so many flower and fauna photos, but Costa Rica is not so subtle. Bright, bright, and more bright. I’ll look around. Love these shots.
    On my Way…

  6. I love cherry blossoms! Great shots. The cherries look great on your header!

    Ours today is colorful and pale at the same time 🙂 The yellow of the walls is old faded tattoo drawings!

  7. minqan says:

    I love the gorgeous morning light and the blossoms as well. Great pictures. 🙂

  8. I really enjoyed your lovely collection of pictures! This makes me want to take even more pictures of our magnolia that is blooming right now…

    Blessings ~ Wendy

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  10. DagEnDauw says:

    What a coincidence, I’ve just changed the skin of my blog into this kind of pale colors…
    So finding a suitable entry shouldn’t be that hard for me either, I guess. See what I can come up with after this weekend…

    Be sure to enjoy yours Ailsa!

  11. those first two photos are soothing and stunning. your theme compliments the one for wordpress!

  12. These photos are relaxing and so gorgeous, Ailsa. Great inspiration.

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  14. restlessjo says:

    I prefer pale to strident, Ailsa, and you really can’t go past cherry blossom. It’s not out here yet, but trying hard.

    • ailsapm says:

      That tiny Eiffel Tower is very cute! Where was the photo of the building taken? xxx

      • Admin says:

        It was taken in Cairo, Egypt, in the Citadel Salah El Din site. The tiny Eiffel Tower keyring is a gift brought by a friend from her travel to Paris 🙂

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  16. Colline says:

    The blossoms are so beautiful!

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  18. Ania A. says:

    My favorite photo is stalks of sugarcane – I just love it! Here is my entry for this weeks travel theme:

  19. says:

    Nice work! I love pale but also thrive and dream in color! Love your Hawaiian picture- so subtle!

  20. Wow! Awesome photos Ailsa! 🙂

  21. says:

    Thought I would join in the fun as I was just in Hawaii-

  22. hayley says:

    Love the pinky shots and the sugarcane.

  23. D.mooncrab says:

    Oh Alisha, the early sun is my absolute favorite!

    • ailsapm says:

      I was so excited to get that shot, D. I’m not the best at getting up for the dawn, but I was on an overnight train so got to see the sun rise as we sped along the tracks! 🙂

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  25. Beautiful hues. I’m hearing strains of Procul Harum’s ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ as I study your shots. The cherry blossoms are spectacular and I didn’t realize Seattle was known for them.

    • ailsapm says:

      They’re everywhere in Seattle right now, the whole city looks like a fluffy pink tutu, I’m in heaven, Patricia. 🙂

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  27. pamtanzey says:

    The Cherry Blossoms are beautiful! It must be wonderful to stand beneath them. Here is mine.

    • ailsapm says:

      Oh my goodness, Pam, Ibn is such a beauty. Give him a hug from me – and watch your fingers! Yes, those cherry blossoms are such a joy, they’re bursting out everywhere right now 🙂

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  29. Shaanthz says:

    Love the gorgeous cherry blossoms. Here is my entry:

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  31. Such a lovely theme–I can’t wait for our cherry blossoms to finally burst open. Meanwhile, here’s my contribution. It had to be about my garden:

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  33. Those blossoms are amazing, Ailsa!
    And here’ s my entry for the theme:

    • ailsapm says:

      Hi Ese, those cherry blossoms make me very happy, it’s so beautiful walking around right now. I love your post, wonderful photos, that top one of Portugal is splendid with all those masts and that wonderful texture in the foreground.

  34. Indira says:

    Pale is beautiful. Stunning photographs Alisa.

    • ailsapm says:

      Thanks Indira, I’ve been taking a lot of brightly-coloured photos recently, so it was a real treat to revel in pastels for a change. 🙂

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  37. Beautiful blossoms. And love how these week’s theme pairs so nicely with the WordPress weekly challenge (color). Here is my entry:

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  39. Very good choice after the WordPress one – complimentary and soothing! Your photos are so beautiful, and my eyes could rest on them for hours without tiring. Serenity and fine lines. Most enjoyable. I’ll see what I can come up with…

    • ailsapm says:

      There’s something about paler colours that draws the eye, I love how relaxing they are – glad you enjoyed them and looking forward to your post. xxx

  40. kz says:

    those cherry blossoms are just gorgeous! ^^

  41. Debbie says:

    The cherry blossoms are gorgeous. I haven’t been to Seattle yet and now I know what time of year to visit.

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  43. Hi Ailsa. Here are some pale subjects:

    • ailsapm says:

      That is an amazing photo, Stefano, beautiful and sort of creepy at the same time, especially those huge dead eyes. A mesmerizing shot, really great capture. xxx

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  45. thephotoseye says:

    I love your photos – really so beautiful! Here is my version of pale:

    • ailsapm says:

      These are gorgeous, the flamingo and the poppy are my favourites and wow, I love, love, love your header in this post. Wonderful! 🙂

      • thephotoseye says:

        Thanks so much! Sometimes a little too much (or too little) light can make some interesting images.

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  47. pdjpix says:

    Hi Ailsa,
    colour, colour, colour… pale…nice… without instagrammery.
    regards Peet

    • ailsapm says:

      Hi Peet, these are fantastic, and taken in some of my favourite European haunts, how wonderful to see them through your eyes. The Parisian pavement art and the Venetian washing are my absolute favourites, fabulous shots! 🙂

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