Travel theme: Texture

Texture adds something wonderful to a photo, drawing you into the image and creating impact. Texture can highlight details on the surface of an object; macro photography often works with texture in such detail that it is not immediately apparent and not necessary to recognize what the object is. The beauty is in the detail.  Texture in relationship with other  elements in a photograph can create drama, and it can also provide information about the object being photographed. Here are a few textural photographs I snapped on my travels through the US.

checkerboard mesa zion national park road trip usa us america utah

The dramatic patterns in stone of Zion National Park’s Checkerboard Mesa

us road trip san francisco roof top texture

A San Fransisco rooftop

giant redwood california road trip usa us america driving

The splayed end of a fallen redwood in California

texture road trip utah variscite

A closeup of the spectacular colours of Utah variscite

texture road trip utah us usa america driving rhyolite

More of Utah’s rocky wonders in closeup

road trip utah us usa america driving peridot rock

Peridot up close and personal

Contrast (in tone or colour), curves (more curves!) and patterns are interesting components of textural photography. I’d love to see your take on the theme.

If you’d like to join in, create your own post between now and next Friday, title it “Travel theme: Texture” and put a link to this page in your blog post to make it easy for others to find your post.  Don’t forget to check back in next Friday for a new travel theme.

About ailsapm

Hi there! I’m Ailsa Prideaux-Mooney. I’ve lived in many places, and travelled to many more. I had a lot of fun getting there and being there, wherever there happened to be at the time. I climbed a castle wall in Czesky Krumlov, abseiled down cliffs to go caving in the west of Ireland, slept on the beach in Paros, got chased by a swarm of bees in Vourvourou (ok that wasn’t fun, but it was exciting), learned flower arranging in Tokyo, found myself in the middle of a riot in Seoul, learned to snowboard in Salzburg, got lost in a labyrinth in Budapest and had my ice cream stolen by a gull in Cornwall. And I’m just getting started. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far, I’d love you to follow my travelogue - - and remember, anyone who tries to tell you it’s a small world hasn’t tried to see it all.
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  2. Sunshine says:

    Hello Ailsa!
    I enjoyed this week’s theme and loved your images as well. Thanks for the inspiration! Here is my interpretation: Man Imitates Nature …

  3. I love your first picture… it looks like elephant skin! Very cool.

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  5. fabulous pictures as ever. Here are mine:

  6. Lynne Ayers says:

    Interesting shots, Ailsa – and the colours! Here’s my shot on texture in nature

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  8. Hi Ailsa,
    Thought I would jump in this week.
    Nice theme. Love your choices particularly the redwood and the Iguana – sorry I mean the Checkerboard Mesa!

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  10. Hi Ailsa,
    Your photos for texture are wonderful. The fallen redwood is my
    favorite. The clarity on all of them is fabulous. Excellent shots …!!!
    My poor little entry is here. I had never thought about texture when taking
    photos. I wil pay more attention now. Thanks for the challenge.

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  13. Amy says:

    Gorgeous shots for the texture challenge, Ailsa! Here is my entry:

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  15. bluebrightly says:

    My first Travel Theme post – oh how I love textures…but I restrained myself and just put a few up, from a quick trip to Philadelphia.

    • ailsapm says:

      Hurray, welcome to the weekly travel themes, bluebrightly. Wonderful post, it brought back memories of my trip to Philly – I remember being captivated by that exact church you’ve photographed so beautifully. xxx

  16. budgettraveltalk says:
    Walls with texture in Marrakech.
    I love your photo of the road disappearing into the textured hill.

  17. DagEnDauw says:

    Hi Ailsa (and all you visitors)

    Great theme again. And really impressive pictures you posted.
    The structure in “Checkerboard Mesa” reminds me of elephant skin.
    The fallen redwood is simply majestic.
    But as I ‘m crazy about minerals, stones and fossils, my all time favorites are the pictures of the stones…
    Here you have my contribution to this weeks travel theme “structure” :
    “Ravages of time”…
    Thanks from before to pay me a visit.

    – Dauw –

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    • ailsapm says:

      Hi Ron, so glad you enjoyed this week’s theme. Stunning black and white shots, all of them, but my faves were the tiles and the stairs, just divine. xxx

  19. poppytump says:

    Very happy to join your challenge and see everyones contributions ! The Checkerboard Mesa shot is very similar to one in my hoards of USA photos ! You have some fantastic shots 🙂
    Here is my contribution which is not a bit colourful but think it fits the Texture Theme Hot springs in Rotorua NZ
    Not quite sure how to do the link back to me but have linked mine back to your page if that makes ANY sense lol

  20. frizztext says:

    dramatic patterns in stone of Zion National Park’s Checkerboard Mesa!

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  22. Imelda says:

    You have varied texture here and beautiful photography as always. 🙂 Here is my contribution to the theme –

  23. Cee Neuner says:

    Such great choices for texture!! Love all your photos.
    Here is my entry! ENJOY!

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  25. Hi! Ailsa!
    i almost skipped this week’s theme, because it seemed so daunting. As you know I am not much into photography and ‘textures’ is such a hard core photography subject. Finally decided to pull out some shots from the Ladakh trip and take the plunge! They may not be very “texture” oriented but they do capture texture against subjects, i think. looking forward to your thoughts!

  26. laura@eljaygee says:

    a real gem of a theme – going to have a couple of gos though nothing compares with that 1st shot. Awesome!

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  28. writecrites says:

    OK, I got a little carried away. So many textures……..: Now to have a fun look through all the other contributions.

    • writecrites says:

      Now that I’ve had a good look, so many amazing texture photos from everyone. And I must say I loved your shots Ailsa, especially the colorful rocks. Thanks so much for the perfect theme. We all really got into it 🙂

      • ailsapm says:

        Ooh, so many delicious textures, Jennifer – all wonderful. My absolute favourites are the wicker whisks and the rusty buoys, just lovely to look at! xxx

        • writecrites says:

          Oh, I’m so glad you picked the wicker whisks, and the rusty buoys have two votes now. What a nice surprise. Thank you again for such a marvelous theme. That was one I couldn’t miss!! Textures make us feel good (she says, crunching her toes in the soft carpet).

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  30. gkm2011 says:

    Beautiful shots – I had to take a week off from participating, but think I can finally put up my post tomorrow. My favorite is the tile – so orderly yet so warm.

  31. I loved this one, Ailsa! Here’s mine: Missed you and your fun challenges while I was gone!!

    • ailsapm says:

      Yaay, welcome back, news! Gaudi is the perfect choice for this theme, his work fascinates me. Wonderful shots, the Casa Battlo rooftop photos are my favourite, especially that last one! xxx

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  36. Georgia says:

    Your first pic totally took my breath away, just amazing. Thanks Ailsa.

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  41. I love your textures! All are amazing – love the various rock formations – and that fallen redwood. I am VERY late (been travelling), but here’s mine!

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