Travel theme: Leading Lines

I’m back – albeit a little late. I have to confess I lost track of the days and thought it was a day earlier. There is a perfectly good reason for this, which you may have guessed if you read my recent post about my upcoming travel plans. In the last week I’ve travelled right across the US via train, and then turned around and have driven halfway back across the country, so as you can imagine, I’m not entirely sure which time zone I’m in, let alone what day it is. I’m writing this from somewhere deep in North Dakota, which is very, very flat!

I have seen some stunning sights in this whirlwind zigzag across the country, and have had many, many adventures which I am longing to share, but have been thwarted by long days and intermittent internet access. However, here’s a sneak preview of some of the spectacular sights I’ve seen over the past few days, with my nose pressed up against train and car windows, and they all share a common thread – leading lines.

leading lines

leading lines

leading lines

leading lines

So this week’s travel theme is to share your interpretation of leading lines. If you’d like to join in, create your own post entitled Travel theme: Leading Lines and put a link to this page in your post so others can find it. I am on the road for another ten days but will be checking in to see what you all have in store for me, and don’t forget to come back next Friday to see the next travel theme!

Show me your leading lines! In the meantime, I will be looking at lots of this:

leading lines

xxx Ailsa

About ailsapm

Hi there! I’m Ailsa Prideaux-Mooney. I’ve lived in many places, and travelled to many more. I had a lot of fun getting there and being there, wherever there happened to be at the time. I climbed a castle wall in Czesky Krumlov, abseiled down cliffs to go caving in the west of Ireland, slept on the beach in Paros, got chased by a swarm of bees in Vourvourou (ok that wasn’t fun, but it was exciting), learned flower arranging in Tokyo, found myself in the middle of a riot in Seoul, learned to snowboard in Salzburg, got lost in a labyrinth in Budapest and had my ice cream stolen by a gull in Cornwall. And I’m just getting started. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far, I’d love you to follow my travelogue - - and remember, anyone who tries to tell you it’s a small world hasn’t tried to see it all.
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201 Responses to Travel theme: Leading Lines

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  2. pommepal says:

    Well Ailsa you sure struck a good theme this time, some great entries, couldn’t resist this one though

    • ailsapm says:

      Squeak! I love this so much, pommepal – that second shot of Jack walking over the tracks totally made me think of that film ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’ – really wonderful! xxx Ailsa

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  6. 4otomo says:

    Hi Ailsa…….
    Here’s a lead to my post about leading lines in the landscape….

    • ailsapm says:

      Oh 4otomo, your posts just get better and better – your shots of the vineyards in autumn are just dreamy, the colour in the closeups is spectacular. Really, truly lovely photos from South Africa. xxx Ailsa

  7. Dauw says:

    Hey Ailsa, such a great landscapes you ‘ve posted here. They ‘re really breathing liberty…
    My favorite one is the first.
    Thanks again for the inspiring theme for this week.
    Here ‘s my contribution, hope you like it. A little later than normal, but that ‘s because I got lost in walking lines… 😉

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  9. gkm2011 says:

    Thanks for inspiring me to contribute this week – it’s my first time, but I anticipate it won’t be my last.

    • ailsapm says:

      Oh wow, gkm2011, so glad you joined in this week, such lovely photos – that one of the bamboos is my absolute favourite. xxx Ailsa

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  11. Anne Camille says:

    I could have selected any of a few dozen photographs from my archives that show leading lines, but I took these today and decided that this was it for this week’s travel theme. Here is my leading lines, an abstract from a vase of alstroemeria.

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  13. Dauw says:

    As I took another picture in the same ‘line’ and every line is defined by two points, here is my second entry for this week :

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  15. writecrites says:

    I’m rather bummed I missed the Leading Lines theme since it’s perfect for travel photos and so many sprang to mind. Oh well. Next time.

  16. This is a fun one – especially now that I have taken a class or two and understand what leading lines are! I don’t know if I have any of my own to post right now, but want to explore everyone else’s so I can learn more about this cool concept. Thanks for all the inspiration and encouragement Ailsa! Hope your trip was fantastic!

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