9/11 Memorial, Reflecting Absence

The 9/11 Memorial has only been open 7 months and is still very much a work in progress, with construction happening all around the perimeter, but the beauty of this space is already quite evident.

In the footprints of the Twin Towers that were destroyed in 2001, there are two square reflecting pools; each of them an acre in size, with the largest man-made waterfalls in the United States cascading down the sides of each pool. The names of those who lost their lives that day, in the towers, in the airplanes and on the ground in rescue attempts, adorn the edges of each pool. The sound of the tumbling water is enough to drown out all ambient construction clamour, lending a truly contemplative atmosphere to the space. In the centre of each pool is yet another square, into which the surrounding water tumbles once again, evoking the void that was left in the wake of the attacks and the terrible loss of life.

South pool

North pool

It is early days yet for this memorial. The museum isn’t scheduled to open until September of this year; the landscaping is still taking shape and many of the surrounding buildings are only partially completed, but you can already get a very clear sense of the sanctuary this space is destined to become in the heart of New York City.

Visitors stop to look through the windows of the unopened museum

Surrounding buildings reflected in the museum windows

Clouds appear to drift through the partially constructed buildings

Approaching the memorial from the south

If you are planning a visit, reservations are required and can be made online.


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  1. Great shots, as usual! That’s pretty much the way it was when we visited yesterday. We’ll be doing a post on it too… after posts on the Circle Line cruise and the Central Park Zoo—all those things we get to see when there are visitors in town!

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