Macy’s balloons

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US, and in New York that means just one thing – the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with the giant balloons. My only frame of reference for this comes from Ghostbusters:

Run! It's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

I have mentioned before (here) that I don’t really like parades, but I figured that this is such an iconic New York event I should really make a concession, so this evening I wandered up to the staging area where all the balloons are inflated and stored overnight, ready for their grand march along the avenues tomorrow. The balloons take up two city blocks between Columbus and Central Park West along 77th and 81st. I got there around 6.30pm and the balloons were well on their way to being fully inflated and were being held down with netting and sandbags. Hundreds of New Yorkers and their kids wandered in an orderly fashion along a set route past all of the balloons, with huge spotlights illuminating the streets and music blasting out of massive loudspeakers shipped in for the day. It was an event all unto itself. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, thankfully, didn’t make an appearance.

A giant ice cream sundae started off the show.

Uncle Sam face down on 77th Street. It was at this point, fittingly enough, that Mayor Doomberg and his cronies wafted by. I would have taken a photo but was worried my camera would burst into flames.

Keeps on going and going. He may have a touch of scabies on his leg - ought to get that looked at.

The organisers might have put a bit more foresight into the positioning of this balloon. Massive dog's bottom in your face; and parents trying to explain to confused kids that the dog's head was facing the other way.

Aflaaaaac duck. A big gust of wind nearly meant curtains for a Japanese tourist who narrowly escaped being battered to death by that giant foot.

One more time, up close. He was my favourite, along with Snoopy.

To infinity and beyond.

Sonic peers menacingly from behind a tree.

Snoopy takes a nap before his big day. I love Snoopy with his button nose.

Ready for pie.

Star of the most expensive production in Broadway's history. Has it opened yet?

That's going to need a really big tree.


Look away, kids, Kermie's had a little too much to drink.

Don't worry, the nice police officer will take care of him.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Pamela says:

    Enjoy Thanksgiving. Love all your pictures and text.

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