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There’s something quite wonderful about the start of a new year. Around the world customs have developed to drive away the bad spirits of the old year and make way for the good times up ahead. We call upon the purifying power of fire in the form of bonfires, blazing torches and fireworks – fireworks also make loud noises guaranteed to drive away evil spirits.

It is just a moment we humans have created to mark the passing of time; when the old year ends there isn’t even a momentary pause like there is between an exhale and an inhale. Time marches on the same way it does every other night. Nevertheless, that moment when the clock strikes twelve and the minute hand on a clock clicks forward a notch has always spoken to me of hope and possibility and beckoning opportunity.

As my thoughts are on the New Year up ahead and all the wonders it is sure to bring, I found some photographs that represent the idea of ‘new’ to me; a first spring burst of green, freshly fallen snow and a sweet gangly-legged black-tailed fawn who popped out to say hello to me while I was hiking recently.


central park snow new york winter manhattan

black tailed deer fawn winter olympic national park

What does ‘new’ mean to you? If you would like to join in this week’s travel theme (everyone’s welcome!) here’s what to do:

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For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice. – T.S. Eliot

The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year.  It is that we should have a new soul and a new nose; new feet, a new backbone, new ears, and new eyes. – G.K. Chesterton



About ailsapm

Hi there! I’m Ailsa Prideaux-Mooney. I’ve lived in many places, and travelled to many more. I had a lot of fun getting there and being there, wherever there happened to be at the time. I climbed a castle wall in Czesky Krumlov, abseiled down cliffs to go caving in the west of Ireland, slept on the beach in Paros, got chased by a swarm of bees in Vourvourou (ok that wasn’t fun, but it was exciting), learned flower arranging in Tokyo, found myself in the middle of a riot in Seoul, learned to snowboard in Salzburg, got lost in a labyrinth in Budapest and had my ice cream stolen by a gull in Cornwall. And I’m just getting started. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far, I’d love you to follow my travelogue - - and remember, anyone who tries to tell you it’s a small world hasn’t tried to see it all.
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165 Responses to Travel theme: New

  1. Claire says:

    Hey Ailsa,
    Great theme for the New Year, here’s my weekly entry, based on new life experiences…Happy New Year 🙂

  2. rimassolosailingaroundtheworldm says:

    It’s so cute face,thank you so much for sharing a beautiful pictures.Happy New Year everyone!

  3. viveka says:

    New for me can be a lot of things – in my age a new year isn’t anything I’m looking forward too. New can be when something happens that will have an impact on me and my life – it can be any day. But it can be something so simple as a new dress …. or a couple of Swan chicks again this year. It can be a trip I start to plan.
    Your photos are wonderful … my favorite is the one from the park in snow.

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  5. writecrites says:

    I agree with viveka: New can be when something happens that will have an impact on one’s life. In this case, it was a high-flying marriage proposal:
    Thank you, Ailsa, for such a perfect theme. Happy New Year. And I absolutely love the darling little fawn.

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  7. patriciaddrury says:
    So many new examples, from new birth, to new posts… enjoy!

  8. Anne Camille says:

    I had posted this earlier today, but it seems fitting for this week’s theme: new lens, learning new techniques, new bloom on a plant!

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  10. Barbara says:

    Beautiful photographs Thanks for the theme… Will get thinking (with my NEW camera) 😀

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  12. EhkStream says:

    Thanks for the challenge, and the cheerful beginnings of a new cycle!

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  14. Stupendous shots Ailsa! Thanks for another mind-teaser of a challenge – and very best wishes for 2013 and the adventures it holds for you. 🙂

  15. Happy Runner says:

    Thank you for being such an inspiration to me…I have nominated you for the Blog of the Year 2012 award.

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  17. Ewa says:

    For me many things are new. If I see something first time, if something sees me first time. New leaf on the tree, newly born child or animal, new music I have never heard.
    And here is my response to that week’s challenge. Kestrels, new to the world, living in the city:

    • ailsapm says:

      Happy New Year, Ewa, and congrats on these wonderful photos, boy, what great timing and what an amazing sight to see. That last one of the two together is hysterical, they’re adorable.

      • Ewa says:

        Happy New Year to you! You are right, timing was the best gift I could get then. And I’m glad you like those photos.

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  19. After some thinking I came up with my version about this week’ s theme:

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  21. Pat says:

    I loved this challenge. Here are the images that reflect new for me.

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    spend the morning with the olive ridley sea turtle hatchlings and escort them to the ocean! z

    • ailsapm says:

      OMG Z, this is so great, I was cheering that little guy on by the end of your post. What a survivor. LOVED IT! Happy New Year 🙂

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  26. fgassette says:

    Your examples of new are wonderful. I took a different twist on mine.

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  28. Jo Bryant says:

    here is mine Ailsa. Thank you for all your work providing these challenges.
    Have a wonderful New year

    • ailsapm says:

      Happy New Year, Jo, this was a wonderful post and I learned something new about Old Long Syne, Hope 2013 brings you everything you wish for and more! xxx

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  30. Sas says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! My blog is all about the new stuff

    • ailsapm says:

      Happy New Year, Sas, you’ve been busy checking things off your list, the BFG footprint is rocking. Can’t wait to see what you get up to this year!

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  32. Happy NEW Year to all! Here’s my selection:

    Jennifer Avventura

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  34. John says:

    Thanks for visiting my site, wonderful photography here!!

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  36. The deer is beautiful and so is the park with snow. Happy New Year! Happy settled in Seattle. My post has sand instead of snow:

    • ailsapm says:

      Happy New Year right back, c & c – when I read your title I was expecting a baby buffalo! The beach looks stunning and I love the lighthouse. xxx

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  39. OK a bit of a stretch for new, but I wanted to post on the NEW fallen snow and it kinda fit… didn’t it?

    • ailsapm says:

      It totally fits, CTB, and I’m so happy you got to have fun in the snow this year. I’m with you, I love everything about it and share similar childhood memories. Happy New Year to you! xxx

      • All the best for 2013!
        I have to get extra creative sometimes to make the photo challenges fit my weekly blogs and time schedules 😉
        Thanks for all the great challenges and your kind words and comments over here.

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  41. Trish Worth says:

    Ailsa, I continue to enjoy your photos and particularly your writing. T.S. Eliot, you say, says that next year will give us a new voice. May it be yours! For your ‘new’ challenge, I tried a new blog technique and almost regret it – it’s the gallery I posted today. I have wrist twinges from so many hours this afternoon manoeuvring a mouse. But I have to thank you, really, because some of the 12 photos were prompted by your challenges this year. Thanks, Ailsa. Happy new year!

    • ailsapm says:

      Trish, what an absolutely wonderful thing to say (May it be yours) – you just gave me the warm fuzzies. Hope your wrist is doing better. A very Happy New Year to you, my friend, may it bring you everything you wish for and more! xxx

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  43. ledrakenoir says:

    All 3 great shots – my favorite is number 2 is catch the moment so well… 🙂

    • ailsapm says:

      LOVED this, what creative recyclers you have come across on your travels, and that story of breaking down on a snowy winter’s night was just magical. xxx

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  45. Georgia says:

    I just love fresh snow, it really does have a renewing effect doesn’t it?

    • ailsapm says:

      It does, Georgia, I find it really invigorating! Aww, that little goat stole my heart, but those booties are pretty darned cute too. Happy New Year. xxx

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