Golfing geese and my own private beach

After my recent seaside disappointment in Coney Island, I didn’t hold out high hopes for my excursion to the Atlantic shoreline along Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, but as luck would have it, I found the most pristine beach which, according to a local chap, was too far out for New Yorkers to bother about. He was quite right; it was completely deserted, and the only litter to be found was seashells, seaweed and crustacean shells discarded by scavenging gulls. It was like having my own private beach.

Miles and miles of empty beach

No one as far as the eye can see

Seashell-strewn shores

On a clear day, you can see Bermuda...ok maybe not but it is the nearest landfall in that direction

As I sat in the sand with the waves lapping at my feet, I saw skein after skein of geese drifting in graceful V formations overhead, but I couldn’t figure out where they were heading. There were an awful lot of them. On my way back from the beach, I passed by a local golf course and the mystery was solved. Apparently, the geese have figured out that the golf course is the place they’ll be least likely to be bothered by anything more annoying than the occasional golf ball. They have practically taken over the grounds.

Pardon me, do you mind if we play through? Why is that one guy going the wrong way? There's always one.

Much to the dismay of local golfers, the unusually mild year-round weather has meant that these chaps haven’t bothered moving on like they usually do. It would appear that they are here to stay.


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17 Responses to Golfing geese and my own private beach

  1. Wonderful pictures. For if you’re still in the area (or for next time should you have already left) there is a beautiful beach across the bridge in New Jersey called Sandy Hook. Well worth the trip and this time of year should be fairly deserted. Walking along the rocks is a nice way to spend the afternoon. Cheers

  2. Prashant Singh says:

    Just Awesome Pics … 🙂

  3. Strange (but nice) that the Rockaway beach is still so deserted, given all the warm weather we’ve been having…

    And, if you haven’t already been there, I definitely recommend Sandy Hook! Ocean views, long beaches, seals, birds, prickly pear cactus, military installations, missiles—just your thing! 😉 Seriously, you would love it. Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to get to from NYC. On land it’s a very roundabout trip round the whole of the Lower Bay of New York Harbor. You can kayak, of course (… But, more practically, I would suggest the convenient ferry from Lower Manhattan to Highlands or directly to Sandy Hook…

  4. Sarah says:

    Love your pictures! I’ve always wanted to go to New York,I’ll have to check some of the places you’ve been blogging about 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    Love the pictures! I’ve always wanted to go to New York, from following your blog I’ve got some great ideas now of places to explore. 🙂

  6. Gunta says:

    Loved the shot of ‘Bermuda’ 😉

  7. Gunta says:

    Oh yeah and I love the geese… the last shot kind of makes me think of my gravatar 😉

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