For general questions and press/media enquiries, please use the contact form below.

It would make me happy if you refrained from contacting me looking to swap or buy links or asking me to publish press releases, guest posts or commercial blurbs written by a tired PR hack – it’s just not my bag, baby. I write all my own articles – every single one of them – and if I recommend an expedition or event to my readers, it is because I have experienced it myself and believe it to be something worthwhile.

One Response to Contact

  1. ewhite3 says:

    Hey! Stumbled upon your blog and am fascinated by all the wonders that you have captured on film. What incredible sights! I love your posts on Germany and have always been captivated by the emotion and stories that the Berlin Wall holds. I am moving to Berlin in August for a year of study abroad – it will definitely be quite the amazing experience! Thank you for sharing your travels and insights. I look forward to exploring more posts later. on. Tschuss :)

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