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Travel theme: Liquid

It’s been raining a lot, even by Seattle standards. Recent rainfall has broken daily records, and my boots have sprung a leak. Still, never one to let anything dampen my spirits (pun intended) I am deciding to use the torrential … Continue reading

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US Road Trip Day 3 – A Man named Griz and the Bad Bad Lands

I woke with a start to the sound of Sprocket barking. My friend leapt from her bed to calm him as I dressed hastily and went out into the motel corridor to see what the disturbance was. A lady with … Continue reading

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US Road Trip Day 2 aka Yellowstone & the Road to Hell

I woke up from a deep sleep, not quite sure where I was. It took me a moment to realise I was in a motel off I-90 just across the Montana border. Memories of the previous day’s adventures came flooding … Continue reading

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US Road Trip Day 1 – Travels with Sprocket

Just before I left New York on my epic train journey, a friend of mine gave me the present of a book; “Travels with Charley” – the autobiographical account of John Steinbeck’s road trip around America with his French poodle … Continue reading

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