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The 30th of March is “Take a Walk in the Park Day” – nobody is quite sure how, when or by whom this ‘holiday’ was started, but who cares, what a fabulous idea. I love that it falls on a Monday this year, giving beleaguered workers a really great reason to escape the workplace for a few stolen moments and get out into the great outdoors. To get you in the mood for Monday, here is my homage to great outdoor spaces. The first thing my mind skips to when I think of the outdoors is mountains so I’m starting off with a snowy day and cool cloud formations on Mount Rainier.

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Alongside mountains there have to be trees. lots of them, forests of them in fact. Here is a shot of dawn breaking over lofty evergreens in Salmon La Sac.

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From forests to sandy shores, with warm breezes dancing by and gentle waves lapping at your feet. Dusk beginning to fall over Kailua Bay. Which reminds me, I am so overdue a vacation!

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From Hawaii’s gentle outdoors to California’s ruthless Mojave Desert; the hottest place I have ever been to. Seriously, my flip flops nearly melted.

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Have fun walking in the park this Monday.

xxx Ailsa

Of course I have played outdoor games. I once played dominoes in an open air cafe in Paris. – Oscar Wilde

The lack of power to take joy in outdoor nature is as real a misfortune as the lack of power to take joy in books. – Theodore Roosevelt

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